Product Care


It is inevitable that with time and some really good use, your leather will start to tell a story, and develop a patina- we believe that this adds character.  We also understand that some folks would like to keep their leather looking as clean as possible.  These days there are so many different types of "over-the-counter" leather cleaners, protectants, and conditioners on the market, that it is impossible to recommend just one, if any.  Not to mention the cleaning process depends on the type of stain, the type of leather, the location, etc. So for this reason, I would first recommend visiting a professional leather cleaner or shop in your area to evaluate your staining, and decide how best to take care of it. 
If you would prefer to attempt to clean the leather yourself, I recommend using a q-tip size dab of mild dish soap, mixed well with water. Apply the water and soap to the stain, blend outwards from the center of the stain, towards the edge of the bag, covering the whole surface of the leather panel you are cleaning.  This will prevent any water ring stains from developing.  Allow the leather to fully dry for 24 hours in a dry area.  If not, the leather will stretch when wet if used. 
On suede, I recommend using a soft bristle brush ( a toothbrush works well ) and gently brush the suede to remove loose dirt and debris.  You can also purchase a suede cleaning kit online if you prefer but please test any liquid cleaners on an inconspicuous area first.


We work with many different types of leathers, and most of our products include a combination of these beautiful leathers in their design.  All of our leathers are chosen for their high quality characteristics, and are meant to age beautifully and develop a patina with use.  If you have a protectant you've found to work well for you, I recommend either testing the protect on a small, hidden area of your product first (maybe an inside pocket), or shoot us an email and we can send you a few leather scraps to try your product.  We highly recommend this because some sprays and protectants can darken the leather or leave stains.