Our Story

Awl Snap Handstitching a Leather Journal Keeper

It all started with a little resourcefulness. 

I've always had a D.I.Y mentality, and once I realized my desire for expensive high quality leather goods surpassed my budget, I put myself to work. I spent hours after hours researching everything I could about leathercrafting and material sourcing which led to me making and listing my first handful of designs for sale on Etsy in late 2009. These first designs sold fast and I just kept going.  Making, researching, practicing, and experimenting in any spare moment I had.
In 2013 I started dedicating my days to Awl Snap full time.  
Merlot Tote by Awl Snap Leather Goods

A focus on minimal, modern style relevant beyond seasons.

I've learned over the years that trends come and go, and so does the rotating stock at big box retailers. It's easy to be lured by what's new and shiny, but I believe in the bigger picture: if we're more conscious of what we buy and how we resonate with the story behind it, then we feel so much more value and reward in so many aspects of our lives. 
Awl Snap Leather Goods

A dedication to environmental impact.

I source my leathers from the most respected and renowned tanneries in the world such as Horween and Wickett & Craig- both conveniently here in us the US. I love these artisanal factories because they follow ethical practices, and minimize their environmental impact throughout their tanning process. This is something that not every leather tannery takes into account, but it's very important to me and therefore is on the forefront of my business.

I love to share my process and skills with the community as well, and you can find me most active on Instagram @awlsnap