Custom Work for Brands

There are millions of plastic tchotchkes out there with logos out them. Stress balls, pens, notepads, doodads, etc. Trust me, I know- I used to sell them in my former corporate life.
And with that experience, I can say that gifting branded items with you logo absolutely leaves a lasting impact- for both customers and employees. 


So would you rather have your brand be represented by a cheap product made in some mysterious factory in Asia, or would you be more proud to boast a partnership with an American-made, women-owned business?

More importantly, what would your client or valued employee keep around longer? 

custom branded gifts by Awl Snap in Virginia

  People are investing in higher quality, responsibly made product, and therefore trust companies that also represent these values.

Custom Branded Leather corporate gifts________________


From small local businesses to large corporate clients, we have worked with many different organizations to create custom-branded products that speak to their brand.


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