Ladies of the Trade

The Awl Snap story began in 2008 inside my tiny apartment in Richmond, Virginia. I was working in an industry which sold cheap plastic logoed products to big corporations, and it was slowly wearing me down. 

After years of selling plastic products I knew would flood the landfills, I found myself recycling as much as I could. I started shopping for vintage and handmade quality products as much as possible. I sacrificed some of my fast-fashion habits and started to invest in products that would last. And it was freaking HARD but so much more rewarding.

I had no clue what I was doing when I started.

My mom taught me to sew with different fabrics when I was young and I took to it naturally but leather was a completely different animal (pun intended). I had no experience.

Skills aside, I was creative and determined to make a quality leather bag that didn't exist in retail. I started working on my first design and built my first studio with a dusty old sewing machine and a pop up card table. I YouTubed leather-working tutorials for hours on end. A few days later, I had my first product–the Tom Tom Tote. Shortly after, I was receiving custom orders from people who had seen me with my bag and thus the business was born. 

Over the next five years, I spent thousands of hours researching, experimenting, failing, getting back up and ultimately bettering myself and my products. 

In 2013, I quit my day job.

The Entrepreneurial Gods were beckoning and I had to oblige. I threw myself deep into building Awl Snap and have since grown the company organically in tremendous ways. 

 Ali and Shahana joined last year and help with everything from production to fulfillment. They are integral to the Awl Snap team and in fact, I couldn't do it without them. I mean, who would I complain to? 

We're looking forward to 2017, and all the adventures Awl Snap takes us on!