About Production & Pricing

As a small shop of just one (and the occasional extra set of hands), I make my designs a "few at a time"- called a production run. 

One week I may be working on tote bags, and the next week it might be a custom project.  That's the beauty and flexibility of being an Artist and Business Owner, or Artrepreneur as I like to call it. 

Before I start a new production run of an item, I'll decide on the price and the quantity available and email the details to my subscriber community first The day after the release I notify the rest of the world through my instagram.  

Once full on orders, I'll get to work. Orders start shipping in 1-2 weeks.



Need something faster, or miss a production run? Check our  in-stock availability, or visit our retail shop on Broad Street.

F.A.Q About Pricing & Production


Why is your retail price higher than the production-run price?

Collecting orders and then making them in small batches is the most ideal way for me to work. Just like making cookies. Imagine buying all the ingredients and having to mix all these ingredients, turn on the oven, and make just one little cookie. That's one expensive cookie. (And a lot of extra cookie stuffs.) 

Saving time, money and materials by working in batches = efficiency.

Because it's "production run", does that mean lower quality? 

Nope.  If you buy all quality ingredients and make a single regular-sized cookie as opposed to 12, would that one taste better?  (Most likely the answer is no but I guess it depends on how good of a baker you are.) 

How long does it take to make my item after I order it? 

Often 1-2 weeks unless otherwise noted.

What if I need an item sooner? 

Check out in-stock inventory for items available to ship immediately!

I missed a production run! Will you be making this item again soon?

It depends! If it's a popular item chances are I will do another production run. It's hard to say when though, so it's best to order when it pops up as available. 

Why are you only doing a limited number? 

I decide a product's availability based on my materials and time available.  Both are often limited. 

Can I use a discount code with production run orders? 

No, sorry. Coupon codes and sale discounts are only available for in-stock items. Gift certificates can however be used on production-run orders. 

Will you still offer sales? 

Additional sales and discounts are rare. However it is possible that one or two might pop up during the year. 

Can I buy more than one, and if so can I get an extra discount?

Yes, you can buy more than one at the production-run price. However because pricing is already discounted, we cannot offer any combined discounts. 

Are some items limited edition?  

Yes! Some of our designs are FOAK (few of a kind) meaning we may not make them again after one run. We'll let you know if that's the case. 

What if I need an item quicker than two weeks? 

Check out in-stock inventory for items available to ship immediately!

Have more questions? Get in touch!