Click for details on Awl Snap's Production during COVID-19



My heart breaks for the suffering, loss of life, and loss of business in the creative community and far beyond due to this nasty virus. For my own sanity -and in hopes of boosting our economy- I will keep making throughout all of this for as long as I am able.

Awl Snap is my living, my comfort, and my security. That aside, I feel a unique responsibility here beyond myself and so for the next month production will be a bit different at Awl Snap.  Some days will be spent making products and fulfilling orders, and other days I have dedicated to making last-resort protective masks (PPE) for our armies in the trenches.

 I appreciate your orders and patience through this, and thank you so much for 10 years of showing your appreciation for my personal craft, as well as the work of my fellow Artists, Makers, and Crafters worldwide. We all wouldn't be here without you.


Erin McRoberts

Owner, Artist, and Fighting Optimist