Who We Are

Let me introduce you to the Awl Snap team: 

Ali Ferguson (left) While Ali helps Shahana and I with production, her forte is keeping calm and swooping in to prevent panic when the machines break down, or a deadline is fast approaching.  She's good with her hands, and is quite the night owl.  We could say she's the studio therapist.

Erin McRoberts (center) This is me. I'm the Designer, Maker, and all around Business-Runner; The Big Cheese.

Shahana Insari (right) Shahana is my right-hand woman.  She knows Awl Snap's productions inside-out (pun intended), and often is known for saving the day.  She cuts, sews, packs, ships, and everything in-between.  She gets it done.

Awl Snap's products are each designed and crafted in our Richmond, Virginia studio.  We make sure every product is created with purpose, and designed to age with perfection- much like a fancy French cheese. 

 Because we make every order by hand, we kindly ask that you allow some time for made-to-order products and custom designs- we promise the wait will be worth it. 

 Awl Snap uses hides which are supplied from distributors here in the US, and are processed across the globe- including Germany, Italy, Mexico.  Most likely a cow, goat, or buffalo, the hides I source were often raised for the food industry in their previous lives.  These leather hides are all individually unique, thus each hide may differ slightly in color or texture, and could contain small natural blemishes obtained during the animals life. In certain pieces we might chose to include these markings to add character to the piece, and create a foundation for a great story.

All leather products are backed by a Lifetime Maker's GuaranteeClick here to read more about this promise.
For all questions, inquiries, and love letters, please email Erin at HELLO@AWLSNAP.COM